Sierra Performance Coatings Services and Solutions


From the start of your work with Sierra, you are regarded as unique. The Sierra products you buy have been created or chosen to meet your specific needs, not the needs of a lot of companies like yours. With an abundance of product chemistries and expertise in custom formulation technology, our product portfolio is virtually limitless and application solutions nearly inexhaustible. The ability to customize products to color, sheen or performance characteristics only adds to our flexibility. Your products are developed in dedicated lab space by dedicated staff. In return, you can be confident of full attention to your specific requirements—and delivery of products on your schedule, as you need them.

Custom Color manufacturing for OEM and other Commercial Needs

Sierra Toll Blending, Private Labeling & OEM – MRO Coating Manufacturing Services

Sierra’s onsite chemists and contract manufacturing specialists have the ability to precisely blend specific formulas and to develop new or better formulations, offering a nearly limitless variety of liquid toll blending in a wide range of sizes and packages. Sierra Paint also offers convenient warehousing and shipping options in key regions across the United States that allow companies to reduce their logistical costs and increase their profit margins.

In-House Laboratory Testing

Our fully-equipped laboratories are available for comprehensive product design, development, and testing. Our expert technical staff will be there to guide the product through each stage; from brain-storming to the formulation to testing, all the while ensuring that it meets with all applicable performance requirements.

A Precise Formula for Success

Sierra’s toll manufacturing, private label, OEM, and logistical services offer specific and systemic solutions for our customers. We can make products to your exact specifications, or we can mix them based on our proven formulas.

If the products you currently offer cannot compete, head-to-head, with what’s already on the market, our dedicated research and development scientists, working in our state-of-the-art laboratories, will engineer a better-quality, more effective product that is more comparable or superior to what the competition offers.

By taking advantage of toll blending, private labeling, and (OEM) Original Equipment Manufacturer and (MRO) Maintenance, Repair & Operations Coatings services offered by Sierra and our affiliated power brands, some of the biggest and most well-known brands in the Specialty Performance Coatings, Concrete Construction, and Decorative Products industries operate more efficiently and profitably, while reaching more customers faster and with better-quality products.

Big business or small shop, we have you covered!

 These profit-increasing, business-building services are not just for big businesses that are international household names. Sierra and other selected Fenix Group brands also work with local and regional companies, helping them increase their market presence, profitability, and capacity to compete.

So, if your company could benefit from increased profit margins, headache-free logistics, and increased production, warehousing, and distribution, consider toll blending, private label, or OEM services offered by Sierra and our affiliated brands.

Because each company’s needs are unique, Sierra and our affiliated brands offer a wide variety of toll blending, private label, or OEM options, including:

  • Complete turnkey operation: We procure all the raw materials and packaging, then blend the product based on your specifications, and package, store, and ship the finished product to your customers.
  • Blend and package service: Your company delivers all raw materials and/or packaging, and we blend the product based on your specifications. Packaging, warehousing and shipping services provided as needed.
  • Individual services agreement: You choose only what you need; any combination of raw material procurement, blending, packaging, labeling, warehousing, and shipping services.

Some of our business partners use a combination of these services. They opt for a complete turnkey operation for some products, while choosing specific services or combinations of services for other product lines.

Whatever private label, toll blending, or OEM services you need, our strict non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements offer iron-clad protection for your valuable intellectual property, proprietary formulas, and unique blends, colors, and methods.

Individual Solutions

Sierra and our affiliated brands develop individual proprietary solutions and product lines for some of the most prominent brands in the Specialty Performance Coatings, Concrete Construction, and Decorative Products industries, as well as a number of well-established local and regional brands.

Our toll blending, private labeling, custom chemical blending, packaging, warehousing, and shipping capabilities include but are not limited to: polyurethane, water-borne emulsion, epoxy, acrylic, reactive monomer systems, dry cement, dry color, color hardener, powder release, solvent liquids, water-based liquids, and water-based stains.

Other products include solution acrylic and copolymers, oligomeric silane, cementitious coatings, water-borne urethane, metallic and flake flooring, alkyd, cementitious coatings, UV cure, silicone high heat, fluoropolymer, melamine & polyester bake, solution acrylic, rubberized resins, oligomeric silane and siloxane, phenolic, chlorinated rubber, hydrocarbon, polyurea and hybrid, moisture cure, metallics.

Whether you choose one of our formulas, bring one of your own, or ask us our in-house team to develop one to fit your specifications, our solutions are customized to meet your individual needs. We offer:

  • A variety of proprietary products and systems for private labeling
  • An onsite laboratory with chemists who specialize in designing custom blends, as well as troubleshooting under-performing mixes and matching or creating better formulas
  • Precise quality control, batch testing, and record keeping
  • A dedicated support and analysis team protecting your product from initial agreement through finished development and distribution
  • Plenty of capacity to support large national or international brands
  • Scalability to serve smaller brands other manufacturers ignore
  • The ability to brand, label and support products with accurate TDS and SDS information
  • Safe, meticulously maintained storage and warehousing options in three key regional hubs

Through innovative formulations, precise manufacturing, and cost-effective packaging, warehousing, and shipping operations, Sierra customers enjoy enhanced product performance, consistent product quality, and healthier revenue streams.

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