About Sierra Performance Coatings

Providing a little “color” to Sierra’s proprietary approach to color and coating technology.

Getting the product right is only half the process. Choosing the right manufacturer to produce the product is critical to success. Astronomers will tell you the biggest star doesn’t necessarily burn the brightest. While the Sierra Company has grown substantially over the last 39 years, focused growth on brightness, rather than just physical size.

In the coatings industry, this has meant seeking out and building the best-qualified scientific support for research, testing and problem-solving. Coupling experienced personnel with the most advanced Technologies for chemical and color production has resulted in reliable coatings created that fulfill a wide and expanding range of application challenges. It has meant adherence to the highest standards of competency, compliance, and consistency in the industry.

As a mid-sized company, Sierra can respect the uniqueness of each client’s growing pains while providing stellar-quality service and solutions.


You know it works. The jewelry box’s robin’s egg blue, the farm-equipment’s handsome harvest gold, the feet-on-the-ground delivery-service brown. Choosing a unique color to identify your brand is one of the most powerful public communications decisions you can make. With color you can create emotional responses to your brand’s excellence that cannot emerge from words alone.

Choosing a color (or colors) isn’t just a big-business decision. It’s a growth decision at all stages of corporate development and can be an important factor in reaching out to new markets or when facing new or aggressive competitors. 

Color remains the go-to, the look-for. From print material to service equipment, from furnishings to vehicles to buildings, your color expresses the message of quality, versatility and integrity that you want consumers to remember.


From the start of your work with Sierra, you are regarded as unique. The Sierra products you buy have been created or chosen to meet your specific needs, not the needs of a lot of companies like yours. With an abundance of product chemistries and expertise in custom formulation technology, our product portfolio is virtually limitless and application solutions nearly inexhaustible. The ability to customize products to color, sheen or performance characteristics only adds to our flexibility. Your products are developed in dedicated lab space by dedicated staff. In return, you can be confident of full attention to your specific requirements—and delivery of products on your schedule, as you need them.

In-House Laboratory Testing

Our fully-equipped laboratories are available for comprehensive product design, development and testing. Our expert technical staff will be there to guide the product through each stage; from brain-storming, to formulation to testing, all the while ensuring that it meets with all applicable performance requirements.


Sierra supports small-business energy with big-business technology and professional standards. Creating a spectacular coating is only part of the process; keeping it spectacular is what matters most. A coating that chips, fade, streaks or peels does immediate harm to even the best-quality brand. For this reason, Sierra maintains registration with professional organizations like the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), which ensures stringent quality management and manufacturing standards.

Color Calibration

Our knowledgeable staff take full advantage of top-of-the-line color-imaging software that precisely calibrates paint formulae to desired consistency, sheen, color and performance characteristics. Sierra products will perform and keep performing.  


Knowledge is power in a competitive world. Before discussing any specifics related to a toll blending, private label, manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, or shipping agreement, both parties will sign a mutual non-disclosure confidentiality agreement. The purpose of this agreement is to protect all confidential and proprietary information related to the contract work. Sierra takes your confidentiality and trust very seriously. This is why all our employees are under confidentiality agreements. So, when you choose Sierra or any of our affiliated brands for toll blending, you operate with total assurance that your formulation is protected. Neither Sierra nor any of our affiliated companies will distribute your products, market your signature formulations, or sell your products under our own label.


From the start of business, Sierra has recognized the importance of environmental responsibility. Sierra maintains adherence to regulations which minimize pollution and health hazards, from organizations such as;

  • Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)/VOC/HAPS (air quality)
  • Food and Drug Administration FDA/USDA (food safety)
  • NSF International/ANSI 61 (water safety)

Sierra stands ready to accommodate regulations that govern your company’s interaction with an impact on the environment. Share your concerns with a Sierra representative as part of planning your next project.

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