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Sierra Performance Coatings – Commercial Grade OEM Custom Coatings

Sierra manufactures high performance, industrial grade, custom engineered coatings catered to the
OEM, trailer, automotive, industrial and maintenance industries
. We are specialists in barrier coating technologies; providing protection to metal, concrete, wood, and composites from corrosion and chemical attack, UV and weather extremes, and impact and abrasion resistance expected in industrial paint and coating products.

 Our customers, spanning the globe, come to us looking for distinctive coating solutions that can’t be satisfied by an “off the shelf” product, nor can be supplied by traditional paint manufacturers or paint stores. 

Sierra Toll Blending, Private Labeling & OEM – MRO Coating Manufacturing Services


Breadth is one of the keys to Sierra’s versatility.  That’s why some of Sierra’s satisfied customers and end users are:

• Large Franchise/”Big Box” Retailers: Store interiors/exteriors, merchandise
• Color Products: Trade-marked color surfaces and logo-distinct brand colors
• Agricultural Equipment: Tractors, balers, combines, and other farm machinery
• Water:  Tanks, pipes, valves and fittings 
• Construction: Hand tools and heavy equipment for construction and repair
• Packaging and Containers: Storage drums, product containers
• Marine Applications: Boats, pontoons, motors, parts and accessories 
• Automotive Industry: Paints, coatings, parts and accessories
• Company/Fleet Vehicles: Cars, trucks, trailers, buses, vans
• Military Applications: Aircraft, vehicles, tanks, buildings, machinery 
• Outdoor:  Decks, docks, railings, storage buildings, steps 
• Furniture: Indoor and outdoor furniture.
• Glass: Neon/fluorescent tubes
• Foam: Acoustical and architectural foam

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